H.265 Super HD 2MP 16 Channel Security DVR with 2TB




TIGERSECU Home Security
Protect your home or business at all times with a high-definition surveillance system from TIGERSECU Home Security. TIGERSECU offers private residences and small business reliable protection 24 hours a day with crystal-clear resolution playback and massive DVR digital storage banks. Sleep well with the assurance that no inch of your home or property has to be left in the dark thanks to TIGERSECU’s infrared imaging.
For over 20 years, TIGERSECU has dedicated themselves to producing high-definition security cameras and CCTV systems designed to protect your family and keep your home secure. Advanced features from professional quality CCTV are streamlined to make setup easy – all while customized applications support mobile viewing with remote notifications that keep you informed while you’re away from home.
Product Description
TIGERSECU’s Super HD hybrid security DVR is a full featured hybrid digital video recording system designed for use with 2MP (1080p) HD TVI, AHD, CVI, and analog security cameras. For optimal performance, use this TIGERSECU DVR with TIGERSECU security cameras.
Remotely access and play surveillance footage and control the security DVR with no contract or monthly fees with TIGERSECU’s HD Viewer. For best performance using H.265+ encoding, 1 Mbps upload speed is recommended for each 1080P camera. Bitrate settings can be adjusted in the DVR to accommodate slower network speeds. Mobile app requires iOS 9.3 or later and Android 9 or later. Compatible with iPhone and iPad.
Features a unique heat sink fan technology that enables the DVR to self-cool and prevent overheating, which means no fan noise and a quieter system. 4 channels of audio recording in addition to 16 channels of video recording. Supports 3 monitor connections through HD-port/VGA/CVBS ports. DVR display resolution is 1920×1080 pixels, and works with TV and computer monitors with a minimum 1080p resolution.
Pre-installed with a new 2TB surveillance hard disk drive for 5+ days of continuous local recording at the highest resolution. Option to replace internal hard drive with up to two hard disk drives of 16TB each. Motion detection options allow you to record only when motion is detected to save hard drive space. H.265+ high efficiency video compression enables you to record more footage for the same storage space.
This set includes one 16 channel CCTV security DVR with pre-installed surveillance hard drive, one 12V 5A 100V-240V power supply, remote control, and USB mouse (cameras sold separately). TIGERSECU security DVR systems are backed by Lifetime Support and 2-year warranty provided by TIGERSECU.
Product Main Features

2MP Super High Definition
Be protected and see every detail with crystal clear Super High Definition. TIGERSECU’s state-of-the-art digital imaging technology is 2 Megapixels (2MP) Super HD for over 2.5 times the picture sharpness of traditional security systems including analog D1.
TIGERSECU offers private residences and small businesses reliable protection 24 hours a day with crystal-clear resolution playback and massive DVR digital storage banks. This DVR supports up to 2MP video input, to capture clearer images than ever before. Fully equipped with a 2TB surveillance rated hard disk drive designed for continuous local surveillance recording at the highest resolution, with no fees ever. Option to replace internal drive with a larger one. This DVR can support up to two surveillance rated hard disk drives, up to 16TB each. Motion detection options allow you to record only when motion is detected to save hard drive space without missing important events.


Easy Set Up
Setting up your TIGERSECU system is quick and easy. Just install the DVR as instructed, connect the power supply and internet cable, and make a few personal settings via the set up wizard. No port forwarding is required. With this plug-and-play network set up, a QR Code Scan is provided for portable devices.
Monitor your home remotely
Monitor your home or business with free access to the DVR via CMS. Remote viewing is available on your PC or Mac. Download our easy-to-install, free TIGERSECU HD Viewer app for your Android or iPhone to control your home or office security from anywhere in the world with just the touch of a button.


Multi-channel viewing at the same time
Record and view multiple locations simultaneously and access streams remotely via internet or smartphone. Support multiple users (assign specific privileges for each user) and receive alerts both on your App and by email. It also supports P2P login and you can use your phone with the built-in QR code. Just scan the QR code to connect to the cloud on your phone to view and playback the video.

Record what matters with motion detection
TIGERSECU’s motion detection function may be customized within the DVR menu. Just set the privacy mask to protect your property. Sensitivity levels may be adjusted from 1-10 to avoid false alarms. Set up your mobile phone to receive alert notifications when motion is detected (Android and iOS).

Expand your system
Expand your kit by adding up to 16 security cameras for a complete 16-channel home security system, suitable for home or business. TIGERSECU’s new DVRs are compatible with over 95% of security cameras on the market today, including TVI, AHD, CVI, analog and ONVIF IP cameras. TIGERSECU DVRs are not compatible with HD-SDI and Arlo IP cameras.


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