Campark W10 Driveway Alarm Outdoor Motion Sensor Security System




About this item【Solar Powered PIR Driveway Alarm】The motion sensor is powered by a solar panel installed on top of it so that you don’t have to be changing batteries constantly. It also can be charged by the included USB charging cord if the sensor will be installed indoors or in dark areas.【Superlong Receiving Range】The sensor detects motion and transmits a wireless signal to a receiver in your home, sounding an alarm and notifying you someone is coming up your driveway. The motion detector alarm has a range of up to 1/2 mile away(the actual range depends on the local terrain).【Fully Expandable Alarm System】Driveway motion sensor can be added to unlimited receivers and one receiver can be added up to 4 sensors to fully cover your property. There are 6 volume levels to adjust, 4 total channels to choose from, and 4 optional chimes to match different motion sensors around your property to distinguish where motion is detected.【Low False Alarm Rate】The driveway sensor alarm wireless can detect moving people or vehicles or large animals within 30 feet front of it. It is featured with a low-rate false alarm, which is minimized by adjusting the sensitivity of the sensor “eye” with a switch (Low:20ft, High:30ft). You can swivel the mount to refine the focus and detection angle of the sensor.【Plug&Play, Easy Installation】: The driveway alarm solar powered has been programmed before being shipped, so it only takes a few minutes to install and is ready to use. It is powered by a solar panel and charged by the included USB charging cord, which is perfect for driveways, backyards, gates, offices, properties, residential security, walking paths, and more.【IP66 waterproof】 The Solar Driveway Alarm is IP66 rated. The outdoor driveway alarm sensor system features industrial-grade PVC housing, a rubber weatherproof/waterproof seal, and a rechargeable solar run. The waterproof design allows the PIR motion detector to work perfectly both outdoors and indoors. It has been tested in dense forests, hail storms, wind gusts, heavy rain, heat, and snow. You can easily mount the solar motion sensor on a surface using the included screws, perfect for houses, yards, gates, and any property you want to alert.Solar Powered Wireless Sensor-The solar driveway sensor can be charged via micro USB and topped up with the solar panel, so you do not have to replace batteries regularly.-The receiver is powered by (4) AA batteries (for backup) or included AC adapter.Wireless TransmissionThe operating range from the sensor to the receiver is up to 2000 ft. in open areas. 30 ft. detection range and 60° sensor detection angle. Make sure there is no electromagnetic or metallic interference between the sensor and receiver (metal buildings). If there are obstacles such as walls and forests, the effective working distance will be reduced.IP 65 WaterproofOur products will be tested and verified several times during factory inspection, including working in extreme weather conditions. Therefore, the sensors are excellent waterproof, and frost-proof.Why Choose a Solar Driveway Alarm SystemSolar motion sensors with wireless motion alerts are a convenient and affordable safety/security systemWeatherproof outdoor solar sensors with adjustable sensitivity control.Under ideal conditions, the solar sensor can be placed up to 1/2 mile from the base unit.A light and an audible alarm sound when a vehicle or pedestrian approaches within a 30-foot radius.Expandable with up to 4 solar sensors and unlimited receivers, perfect for homes, businesses, properties, and workplaces.Super easy to set up. Set up in just minutes. Easy do-it-yourself installation.Detects motion in up to 4 different areas, including a low battery indicator.The receiver can be plugged in with the included AC adapter or can run on (4) AA batteries.NoteThe receiver can be powered by an AA battery or DC 5V/1A external power supply. Before starting the installation, please charge the detector with DC 5V/1A external power supply.Please do not let the sensor’s eyes point to direct sunlight, otherwise, it will be affected by the heat source and cause false alarms.To avoid false alarms, please avoid shaking objects such as trees within 3 meters in front of the detector.The recommended installation height is 3-5 feet, the sensor can detect the object more accurately.Please tilt the sensor downward (instead of horizontally) so that the detector can observe the vehicle for a longer time.When multiple detectors, please make sure all detectors are in different channels, otherwise they may interfere with each other.SpecificationTransmission range: Max: 1/2 mileChannels: Max: 4 channelsSolar panel: Max: 0.35WDetector charging: DC 5V/1AWaterproof rating: IP66Detector low power notification: SupportPIR detection range: high/low sensitivity: 30 feet / 20 feetRIR detection angle: horizontal: 60 degrees vertical: 40 degreespackage1x Driveway Alert Motion Sensor1x Receiver1x 5V/1A power adapter1x Charging cable1x Package Screw


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