Amcrest GPS Module Add-on w/ Mounting Bracket for ACD-830B ACD-GPSBRK




This GPS module with mounting bracket combination is designed to fully replace the regular mounting bracket that comes with the Amcrest ACD-830B Car DVR Camera. This GPS Module gives you the convenience of avoiding messy wiring situations. Enjoy the pre-wired bracket for minimal installation. The bracket is engineered to stick to your vehicles windshield with a super strong suction cup for a fail-proof hold. No more running wires through your car’s interior. Set up is a breeze! This GPS Module will help the ACD-830B Dash Camera record GPS telemetry and encode it within the Video Files. All the Video files will be saved to the Micro SD Card which should be installed in the camera at all times. Plug-n-go GPS module locks on GPS satellites as soon as it senses movement.


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