Wireless Flood and Leak Detector

Any degree of water damage in your home can result in significant financial and property loss on your part. Unattended running water or undetected water leaks from wash machines, water tanks and bathroom and kitchen sinks can eventually lead to significant structural damage to your floors, walls, appliances, furniture, electrical systems and more. More importantly is that the cost to repair or replace the damages could be very out of your budget.

Early detection of water buildups or leaks is a must in order to prevent major water damage to your home. The Wireless Flood Sensor is a leading solution to preventing water damage.

Mounted near the floor area in bathrooms, kitchens, laundries or areas where water is frequently used, the wireless flood sensor will monitor water levels on a 24/7 basis. As soon as detrimental water level is detected an alert is immediately sent to ADT monitoring center who will, in turn, contact you and dispatch emergency response services to take immediate action to resolve the issue.