Carbon monoxide is the least discussed threats to you and your family within your home. Known as the silent killer, carbon monoxide is a colorless and toxic gas that is generated from home appliances that uses charcoal, gasoline, kerosene, wood, propane, natural gas or heating oil to create energy or heat. Inhaling this poisionuous toxic can result in flu-like symptoms such as headache, confusion, dizziness, burning eyes and loss of consciousness or vomiting. People who have been exposed to carbon monoxide can experience brain damage and death. An estimated 500 Americans die each year from accidental exposure, while another 15,000 are forced to seek medical attention.

Carbon monoxide (CO) gas can be almost impossible to detect without a monitoring system. Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector can help make sure that you and your family is protected day and night from the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning within your home.



Your wireless carbon monoxide detector willed be monitored by ADT’s central station 24 hours, seven days a week – providing you and your family with round-the-clock protection and the peace of mind you deserve. As soon as carbon monoxide is detected in your home by an wireless carbon monoxide detector, an ADT monitoring station immediately sends a warning alert of the detection (via phone call or text message or both) to you and those in the home. ADT will also immediately contact the local fire authorities to resolve the issue at your home.

An wireless carbon monoxide detector is easily mounted on walls or ceiling the detector is installed without drilling holes in walls or ceiling and it blends in with any home décor.

At least one detector per floor is recommended.